The Effective Non-Surgical Vampire Skin Treatment In Vancouver

The Effective Non-Surgical Vampire Skin Treatment In Vancouver

Reach Equinox Integrative Wellness Center To Experience The Best Results

The Vampire Skin Treatment is basically an innovative non-surgical treatment process that utilizes Platelet-Rich-Plasma (natural growth factors found in your blood) to revitalize the skin. If you are looking for the best vampire skin treatment in Vancouver then Equinox Integrative Wellness Center can provide you with the perfect assistance. Our therapy can give your skin a more youthful-looking and radiant appearance without the need for synthetic or animal-derived substances. This may be a better option for people with sensitive skin or allergies, or for those who prefer an artificial-free cosmetic enhancement.

Why Choose Our Vampire Skin Treatment In Vancouver?

You can get the following benefits from our vampire skin therapy:

  1. Long-lasting results.
  2. Skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, and hands.
  3. The appearance of smile lines, crow’s feet, and neck rings.
  4. Diminished appearance of acne scars, skin depressions, and under eye hollows.

 Use Your Own Natural Plasma To Help Turn Back The Clock

Step 1. The blood must first be drawn from a patient for the PRP preparation.

Step 2. The platelets are then separated from other blood cells in the further process of the therapy, and their concentration is increased during a process called centrifugation.

Step 3. The increased concentration of platelets is then combined with the remaining blood.

Step 4.  At the last stage of the treatment, PRP is injected carefully into the area to be treated.

Our patient’s comfort is a high priority for us and our highly experienced team will strive to make your experience as painless as possible. You may feel some discomfort when we draw blood and, again, when we inject the plasma solution into the affected areas.

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