Sharon Duguid

I had a head and neck injury that had a tremendously debilitating effect on my very active and full life. After hearing about neuro-rehab as a means to alleviate concussion symptoms I tracked down Dr Ash. There are very few chiropractors with neuro-rehab experience in Canada – and he had recently moved back. He is extremely caring, concerned, and is committed to helping people (which after seeing over 20 doctors in two years he is a rare exception). After one
session the immense pressure that had been in my head every single day for over two years was vastly improved. After a few more treatments my dizziness was vastly reduced. I had very nearly given up hope of feeling good. I also understand the various elements of injury and the science behind them much more through his non patronizing and clear explanations – something none of the doctors I had seen were able to do. I also believe if he or someone on his team cannot help you he is upfront about that and will guide you to what you need. (That said – so far everyone I have recommended have had great results from their treatments).