rich van schaik

My teenage son was assaulted after a party, was admitted to hospital, and suffered serious facial injuries and concussion.

He recovered after several months of careful monitoring…then bang, a playful snowball to the head and he was re-injured. I rushed home to find him with all the lights off, avoiding computers, screens and TV’s, and demanding audio-books to keep him from going bonkers. His university semester was in jeopardy.

By the time I got my him to Dr. Ash’s office, my son was depressed, scared, and very angry. He could hardly sit still in the waiting area. He was desperate for a solution, anything that would give him a better outlook on his long life ahead.

Dr. Ash’s super-empathetic bedside manner set my son at ease right away. He conducted his diagnosis with physical co-ordination tests, in-depth questions, and surprisingly effective diagnostic tools. Dr. Ash then led my son through a series of brain exercises. After 90 minutes, my son felt and acted completely different. Both his brain and his psychology had turned a page, almost miraculously.

After that single session, my son had no more need for dark rooms, had no more headaches, and no more fatigue. He is back as an A student at UVic. I can’t imagine what his life would be like today without Ash’s one intervention. My son’s lifestyle–and maybe his life, was saved. Thank you Dr. Ash! I’m not sure how we could ever repay you.