Say Goodbye to Hip Labral Tear

Say Goodbye to Hip Labral Tear

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Suffering through a Hip Labral Tear? Want a quick and a permanent solution to it? Visit Equinox Integrative Wellness Center for the treatment of the hip labral tear before it turns into a serious issue.

A Hip Labral Tear occurs when a part of labrum within the hip joint is damaged. It takes place when the hip joint meets the pelvis. It is often described as a ball-and-socket joint due to its design that allows the hip to move in the desired direction. It results when a part of the labrum is pulled away from the socket. More often, the hip labral tear is the result of the repetitive trauma to the hip which is either due to running, twisting or cutting.

How Does This Happen?

Our hip takes a lot of force to dislocate so some minor accidents cannot be the reason behind the tear. It only occurs when some major accident or an injury takes place which attacks the area of your hip causing a sudden attack and dislocating it (which results in a hip labral tear).

Some Common Symptoms:

  1. Feeling the pain in groin region or in front of your hip.
  2. Pain that may emanate down through the buttocks.
  3. Pain getting worse when walking, standing or doing any other movement.
  4. Feeling weakness or instability in the lower parts of your body.
  5. Stiffness in the motion of your hip.

Many Hip Labral Tears that are obtained gradually or have been treated early can be treated conservatively. Also Equinox Integrative Wellness Center brings the hip labral treatments with the invasive procedures that limit pain, post-surgery complications and recovery time after the surgery.

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