Pure Platelet Rich Plasma is an innovative regenerative medical treatment option for a multitude of acute and chronic conditions using cutting-edge technology by experienced specialists at Equinox Wellness. The technique is beneficial for joint, ligament, tendon pain, injuries and arthritis wear and tear. Your own blood Growth Factors and Stem Cells can help you expedite the healing of the injured areas.

Many rheumatological and orthopedic research have shown the efficacy of this amazing procedure both for symptom reduction as well as regenerative process that enhances the quality of life of many patients.Our own clinic director, Dr. Ashkan Jalili an avid soccer player has benefited from Platelet Rich Plasma for his arthritis from post-ACL surgery, hip muscle tendon partial tear, rotator cuff tendinitis as well as sacroiliac joint dysfunction. He still continues to play competitive soccer to this date. (. 2015; 8: 1–8.)

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