An Innovative PRP Treatment For Tendon Injuries And Joint Pain!


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Looking for a safe and non-surgical treatment for tendon injuries and joint issues in Vancouver? Get connected with Equinox Integrative Wellness Center for the perfect solution that utilizes the healing properties of platelets from your own blood to help jumpstart the healing process and oftentimes delivering profound pain relief. We are dedicated to providing our patients with some of the most comprehensive PRP therapy. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is designed to take advantage of the blood’s natural healing properties to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, or even bone.

Tendons are the rope-like structures that connect muscle to bone, allowing the bone to move. When a tendon is first injured, it can become inflamed, swollen and painful. This injury is often experienced in sports such as tennis, baseball, football, and any other sport that requires repetitive throwing motions.

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What Is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy Process?

Our blood is composed of the same key components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Platelets are the important component that PRP therapy relies on to potentially heal chronic injuries and relieve pain.

Conditions  Equinox Integrative Wellness Center Treat With PRP Therapy

PRP therapy has been applied to an array of musculoskeletal injuries and has exhibited positive results in most, although further clinical trials are necessary to better understand ideal applications. We are using this innovative and minimally invasive approach to treat a wide range of conditions and areas of pain, including:

  • Chronic tendonitis or tendinosis in the elbow, hip, or knee, foot and ankle.
  • Acute ligament and muscle injuries in athletes.
  • Hip, knee and shoulder pain.
  • Common sports injuries.
  • Neck and back pain.
  • Joint arthritis.
  • Muscle tears.
  • Fractures
  • Sciatica

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For Tendon Injuries And Joint Pain

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