The Effective PRP Injection For Labral Tear

The Effective PRP Injection For Labral Tear

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Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a natural product derived from one’s own blood. It is created by removing the red and white cells from a blood sample, which leaves behind a plasma solution concentrated in platelets. PRP Injection For Labral Tear is available at Equinox Integrative Wellness Center for treating a labral tear. Platelet-Rich Plasma has healing proteins with precise development factors that undeniably act in cartilage repair and repair of minor to mildly damaged joints. By utilizing the patient’s own blood, the body accepts the procedure and gives that individuals body a boost in healing the damage caused by an injury.

PRP is essentially a vehicle for nonsurgical ligament reconstruction, labral tears in the shoulder and hip, in the meniscus of the knee, and treatment for chronic pain without physical therapy or surgery. The goal of PRP is to maximize the number of platelets while minimizing the number of red blood cells in a solution that is injected into the injured or pained areas.

What Are The Benefits Of PRP Injection For Labral Tear?

  1. It is completely a non-surgical therapy. Everything required for this treatment comes from your own body. Because PRP therapy makes use of injections, and no surgery is required, there is no scarring.
  2. It is totally safe. PRP therapy utilizes the cells derived from your own body, rather than those from another individual.
  3. There is minimal downtime. The recovery process from PRP therapy is very quick and usually does not involve any restrictions on your activity.
  4. Platelet-rich plasma helps speed healing by attracting specific types of cells to the site of injury.
  5. These cells encourage regrowth of healthy tissue and may improve the condition of a torn labrum, relieving pain.                             

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