Imagine the day your employees don’t have to leave for hours to receive treatment to address their mental fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, stress or Headaches. Imagine a day that your company can increase its profit by encouraging wellness initiatives that can benefit each and every employee by receiving the best quality service from a professional group of doctors and practitioners. Imagine how the excess profit could be used to expand, creating more jobs or reinvest into the community that can touch other lives in a positive way.

cooperate wellness ImageEmployers everywhere struggle to address the increasing cost of health insurance and workers’ compensation. Whether you are fully insured or self-insured, the issue is the same — RISK DRIVES COST. Unfortunately, most fail to implement strategies to avoid claims to begin with.

The cost of healthcare for businesses threatens the nation’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. The escalating cost of health has taken a toll on private and public sectors and is projected to continue to increase. Healthcare spending in these sectors doubled from 2000-2010 in US alone, and Canada wont be spared from the trend, although not as inflated as their upstairs neighbour.

Worksites are becoming a prime venue for promoting healthy habits, and employers who improve employee wellness can reap the rewards of fewer sick days, greater overall productivity, and lower health insurance costs. According to a Rand study, for every $1 spent by the employer on the Wellness Program, there is a $15 gained from less absentees, increase productivity and lower disabilities associated.

Our Corporate Integrated Wellness Program in California provided many answers to the small and medium size business locally for over 8 years. Our convenient location in Santa Monica as the only Integrative Medical and Wellness Center of a kind at the Colorado Center (Yahoo! Center), allowed us to cater the best of the medical and alternative care to the employees of companies such as Yahoo!, Riot Games, HBO, HULU, RPA, Google, Sony, Cornerstone On Demand, Universal Music Group and Viacom form any years.




We provide On-site Chiropractic Therapy(addressing Posture and Range of Motion improvement), Massage Therapy, Community Acupuncture and Nutrition Consultations on scheduled basis without the employees leaving the site for long hours.

We provide seminars an educational programs: Dr. Ashkan Jalili, an International Speaker and expert in public speaking will assist your employees in understanding the benefits of hot topics such as losing weight, improve focus and concentration, reducing spinal stress from repetitious movements, stress management, getting fit, and lowering blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Our fantastic and motivating speaker will do a short, concise and down-to-the-point health-related presentation for the groups as small as 50 to 1000 people.
We include a Metabolic Assessment review to evaluate the health risks of each participating employee. Our wellness coaching, to assist one-on-one in addressing risk factors, is accompanied with additional wellness information including customized nutritional and exercise programs, to motivate the participant’s staying the course of wellness!




Adults with multiple risk factors are expensive employees in terms of insurance utilization, reduced productivity, and increased absenteeism.

For example, a $15 per hour employee with five or more risk factors will be costing a company $350 per month, just in lost productivity. By identifying and reducing those risk factors of the employees you can show a demonstrable improvement in productivity and profitability.

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Approximately 50 percent of the workforce experiences a problem known to reduce productivity that often can be successfully addressed through an effective wellness program. On average, more than 50 percent of each employer’s employees will have three or more risk factors — categorizing them as moderate to high risk.




Table or chair massage by a licensed massage therapist
Chiropractic Assessment and Treatment by a Nationally-licensed doctor of chiropractic
Posture and Spinal Assessments by doctor of chiropractic with specialty in Posture & mechanics
Community Acupuncture by BC licensed acupuncturist
Group Mat Pilates to improve strength and posture
Monthly health lectures to inform the employees of minimum changes that could mean a world of difference!
For more information contact Dr. Ashkan Jalili, Clinic Director of Equinox Integrative Wellness Center at 604-440-3336