Need PRP Treatment In Vancouver To Treat Pain And Injury?

Need PRP Treatment In Vancouver To Treat Pain And Injury?

Equinox Integrative Wellness Center Is Here With The Perfect Wellness Program

Are you dealing with pain, arthritis or injuries in Vancouver? Looking for the most effective solution for the mentioned issues? PRP Treatment by Equinox Integrative Wellness Center is providing the best process of PRP Treatment to get rid of these problems. Platelet-rich plasma is autologous blood with concentrations of platelets above baseline levels, which contains at least seven growth factors. PRP is taken directly from a patient’s own body and then injected into the affected area. It contains growth factors that heal damaged tissues and also works by naturally triggering localized inflammation, collagen production, and other regenerative processes.

Check Out The Benefits Of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy:

  1. Reduces lower back pain.
  2. Natural hair loss treatment.
  3. Reduces tendonitis symptoms.
  4. Helps decrease osteoarthritis symptoms.
  5. Helps treat unresponsive chronic pain and injuries.

Get The Best PRP Treatment In Vancouver At Equinox Integrative Wellness Center

Advanced PRP treatments use high concentrations of stem cells to further improve healing. The entire process of drawing blood to solution preparation only takes approximately a few minutes.

  1. A small amount of blood (30-60 ml) is drawn from the patient such as a routine blood test.
  2. For the further process, it is placed in a centrifuge which spins the blood at high speeds in order to separate the blood into red blood cells and concentrated platelets.
  3. The red blood cells are discarded when the blood separation is done, and we are left with concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is ready to be used in the treatment process.
  4. Then the PRP injection is injected into damaged tissue to help boost healing and reduce pain.

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