Migraine Treatment In Vancouver

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A migraine is a chronic, genetically determined, neurological disorder that presents as a severe headache that may cause nausea, light-sensitivity, tingling in the arms and legs, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to sound. The main goal of migraine treatment in Vancouver by Equinox Integrative Wellness Center is to provide you a reliable and effective treatment for acute attacks that quickly restores normal function.

The Source of Post-Concussion Migraine Relief Treatment In Vancouver

It is scientifically proven that a migraine is controlled by a nerve cluster called the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) located in a difficult to reach the area of the nasal cavity. It is challenging that how to get medication or a topical anaesthetic to the SPG to provide immediate headache relief without painful treatments or even invasive surgery. Through the MiRx Protocol, the solution is as simple as a nasal spray.

How Does The MiRx Works In The Migraine Treatment?

Migraine Treatment VancouverThe treatment process begins with an ingenious applicator and a simple nasal spray. As the SPG is located deep in the nasal cavity, a normal nasal spray cannot reach the desired location. The Tx360™ nasal applicator has a soft and flexible extension that enables the anaesthetic agent to be sprayed directly onto the SPG without any needle. It results in an instant headache relief without any hassle.

Secure Migraine Treatment With No Complications

Don’t worry about the obstacles or potentially dangerous side effects associated with long-term use of prescription medications or OTC painkillers, when the MiRx Protocol exists. The MiRx is even safe for pregnant patients. You can consult with our expert physicians in West Vancouver also or search on the internet by typing migraine specialist near me.

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