How Painful Is Hip Labral Tear?

How Painful Is Hip Labral Tear?

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What Is Hip Labral Tear Exactly?

The hip labrum is basically a structure made of cartilage on the outside rim of the hip socket. It helps to keep the hip joint intact and the ball of the thigh bone congruent with the socket of the pelvis. It acts as a seal to hold the ball of your large leg bone in the hip socket. At Equinox Integrative Wellness Center, you can get the complete information on the causes, symptoms and the treatment for hip labral tear.

A hip labral tear involves the soft elastic tissue on the outside rim of the hip joint socket. It is a painful ailment that can limit your ability to participate in any activity that involves twisting or pivoting.

Who Is Suffering From Hip Labral Tear The Most?

It occurs mostly in women and athletes. Usually, females experience this disorder more often than men due to an increased rate of pelvic abnormalities. These abnormalities may accelerate wear and tear on the joint and, over time, cause tearing of the labrum. Furthermore, the persistent repetitive movements of athletes who participate in sports such as golf or softball, experience wear and tear on the hip joint which can result in a labrum tear.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Labral Tear?

  1. Pain in the hip and groin area with hip motion.
  2. A locking or clicking sensation in the hip joint.
  3. Stiffness or limited range of motion in the hip joint.
  4. Low-grade tears can be pain-free with many activities.
  5. The large tears cause inflammation in the joint that can result in pain during activity and even at rest.

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