The Best Labral Tear PRP Treatment In Vancouver

The Best Labral Tear PRP Treatment In Vancouver

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The normal labrum is a smooth ring of tissue that surrounds the socket of the shoulder. Labral tears are frequently caused by a direct injury to the shoulder, such as falling on an outstretched hand. If you are looking for the reliable labral tear PRP treatment in Vancouver then Equinox Integrative Wellness Center is the right option to choose. Our PRP Injection Therapy is a kind of regenerative injection therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma specifically uses proliferative injections to prompt soft tissue and joint healing by applying concentrated platelets to the injured area.

Why Labral Tear PRP Treatment?

Platelets play an integral role in blood clotting and wound healing because they are responsible for bringing white blood cells to the injured area to clean up the debris of dead and injured cells. This repair process of injured tissue starts with the development of a clot followed by platelet degranulation of the immune system. It releases growth factors that stimulate wound repair through secretory proteins which increase stem cell production to initiate connective tissue healing, bone regeneration, and repair, promote the expansion of new blood vessels, and encourage the tissue healing cascade.

Process Of Our Labral Tear PRP Therapy In Vancouver

  1. The process of creating platelet-rich plasma begins with an autologous blood collection (30-60 ml).
  2. Plasma separation through a Platelet Concentrate System (blood centrifugation).
  3. Application of the plasma (extracted 3-6 ml) with concentrated platelets and growth factors.

Treatment of a labral tear depends on the severity of the symptoms and the specific characteristics of the tear, as well as your age and joint health. PRP can also treat all chronic and acute joint, ligament and tendon injuries.

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