Balance And Dizziness Specialist In Vancouver

Functional Neurological Rehabilitation At Equinox Integrative Wellness Center

Functional Neurology is an exciting approach to health care and can be defined as the field of Clinical Neuroscientific Rehabilitation that holds the internal and external environment of the individual in a structured and targeted approach to affect positive changes in the neuraxis and consequent physiology and behaviour. Balance and dizziness specialist Vancouver of Equinox Integrative Wellness Center are managing these problems with the effective Functional Neurology in Vancouver:

  1. Balance Disorders.
  2. Concussion or Post-Concussion.
  3. Learning and Attention Disorders
  4. Headaches.
  5. Vertigo and Dizziness.
  6. Pain Syndromes.
  7. Spinal Cord and Nerve Injury.
  8. Stroke Rehabilitation.
  9. Movement Disorders.

Dizziness Specialist Vancouver

This process includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal and neurological examination involving the spinal nerves, spinal cord tracts, cranial nerves, different areas of the brain hemispheres as well as the vestibulocerebellar system. The examination may take up to one full hour and if required, imaging studies, nerve conduction test, and other different diagnostic tests would be recommended to objectively evaluate the function of your brain and physical performance.

Tests By Balance And Dizziness Specialist In Vancouver:

  1. Computerized Baseline Testing (ImPACT).
  2. Vestibulo-Ocular testing (VNG).
  3. Cerebellum and Vestibular testing.
  4. OptoKinectic Nystagmus testing.
  5. Saccadometric Evaluation.

Functional Neurological Rehabilitation Available In Vancouver

Nerve cells need fuel and stimulation to thrive. Treatment is aimed at providing fuel and stimulation through activities that have been shown, either scientific research or past case studies, to stimulate nerve cells. This may include Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, Light of different frequency, Tone Pacer Sound of different vibration, Touch, Specific Adjustment to Joints, Balance Activities, Specific Eye Exercises, Cognitive Exercises, Physical Exercises, Nutritional Modifications, Breathing Exercises,  Sensorimotor Neural Integrator System. Care is very safe and closely monitored.

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