After her full-term twin pregnancy, Joanne found Pilates as a way to deal with her racing mind and an achy back. She noticed such amazing changes in her own body, she knew Pilates was something she had to peruse, and that’s when she decided to become a teacher. Ten years later, Joanne’s drive and motivation are just as strong as ever; to help people become the best version of themselves.

Along her journey, Joanne found Yoga and she became certified to teach it. However, it wasn’t until she discovered the therapeutic essence of myofascial release in Yin Yoga that convinced her this was a tool to compliment her Pilates repertoire. Combining these two disciplines has helped her clients heal quickly, move with ease, stand tall and breathe deeply.

Joanne’s clients range from the elderly who struggle with balance, immobility and postural issues, to nurses with shoulder and back pain, all the way to figure skating athletes who need to develop a stronger core to master their craft. Everyone can benefit from Pilates just as everyone benefits from movement. The ability to overcome pain and stiffness is the chance to overcome what holds you back in life, and developing strength and focus propels you forward, giving you fluidity of movement and stillness of mind. See for yourself and discover what Pilates can do for you and let Joanne guide you on the path to wellness and well-being!

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