Concussion management services in West Vancouver- Concussion symptoms is a disturbance in brain function that occurs following either a blow to the head or as a result of the violent shaking of the head. Existing research suggests that concussion symptoms produces metabolic rather than anatomic injury to the brain. In other words, following concussion symptoms there is a temporary disruption of energy utilization in the brain that does not appear to produce permanent injury in the majority of cases. However, research also suggests that repeated injury, particularly during the recovery period, may result in more severe and, in some rare cases, life-threatening injury. It is important to emphasize that the underlying pathophysiology of concussion management is still being investigated and the definition of the injury continues to develop. Because concussion management is currently thought to be primarily a metabolic rather than structural injury, traditional neuro-diagnostic techniques (e.g., CT scan, MRI) are often normal following concussive insult. After a full neurological assessment we provide the patient with our Computerized Neuro-cognitive Baseline Test (ImPACT Test).

After interpretation the result then we provide a Functional approach to activate the compromised pathways that involve Vestibulo-Ocular system, Cerebellum, Frontal-Basilar and Mesencephalic (Flight or Flight Wind-Up) areas through specific visual-sensory-motor neural integration using brain stem cranial nerve stimulation and balance work. Our state-of-the-art rehab system addresses Eye-Hand Coordination, Fixation, Peripheral Awareness, Figure-Ground, Visual Search, Speed of Recognition, Visual Spatial Memory, Automaticity of letter, number and word naming, Visual Acuity Enhancement, Contrast Sensitivity, Vision Directing Action, Visual Cognitive, Divided Attention, Vision Directing Action, Visual-Auditory Integration, Sequencing, Math, Reading fluency, Visual Reaction Time, Hand Speed and Accuracy, Central-Peripheral Integration, Bilateral Integration, Saccades, Contrast Sensitivity, Vision Directing Action and Auditory Memory among other factors associated with post-concussion.

We may utilize neurotransmitter test to address the metabolic deficiency associated with amino acid dys-utilization with specific Intravenous vitamins and minerals. That’s what makes the Equinox Concussion Management so exciting! It’s a whole new approach with a goal of providing noticeable relief of many symptoms that is safe with long lasting results!

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For years scientists have known that migraine, headache and facial pain is controlled by a nerve cluster called the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) located in a difficult to reach area of the nasal cavity. The challenge has been, how to get medication or a topical anesthetic to the SPG to provide immediate headache relief without painful treatments or even invasive surgery. With the MiRx Protocol, the solution is as simple as a nasal spray. The procedure isn’t painful and take seconds.


It starts with an ingenious applicator and a simple nasal spray. Because the SPG is located deep in the nasal cavity, a normal nasal spray cannot reach the desired location. Unlike other nasal sprays, the revolutionary, Tx360™ nasal applicator has a soft flexible extension that allows the anesthetic agent to be sprayed directly on to the SPG. There are no needles.

The result is instantat headache relief. The treatment takes less than a minute and most patients report a pain rating decrease from eight to two within seconds.


With the MiRx Protocol, you can avoid the complications or potentially dangerous side effects associated with long-term use of prescription medications or OTC painkillers. The MiRx Protocol is even safe for use on pregnant patients.

This is a total headache & migraine treatment plan. The MiRx Protocol has been clinically proven to provide long-term results with instant migraine & headache relief. (Read Clinical Studies) Some patients can experience lasting migraine relief after just one treatment, but those who have experienced chronic migraines or headaches for years may require the full treatment program for maximum benefit.

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